Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018: takes over AT&T Park this weekend

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — If you seek the subtle nuances of international relations, AT&T Park might be a good place to visit this weekend.

The home of the San Francisco Giants is hosting the┬áRugby World Cup Sevens 2018, an international rugby competition. If you don’t know, “Rugby sevens” itself is a kind of rugby.

Already lost? That will probably happen if you visit AT&T this weekend.

Conversations on Friday with the international fans who have descended there exposed inconceivable cultural gaps.

“Who is that?” I asked a woman from Ireland as she stood beneath the Willie Mays statue.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know.”

Linguistic differences were even on display in how the Rugby World Cup Sevens tweets about the event. It’s a baseball “pitch”?

“What position did Willie Mays play?” I asked another fan on Friday.


I’d love to be able to show you, up close, how the Rugby Sevens World Cup has changed the layout of this already historic baseball stadium, but due to contractual restrictions, ABC7’s Sky7 helicopter had to do. As to what’s going on down there, Chris Hughes from Aberdeen, Scotland, had this explanation: “There is no padding. We hit each other.”

“And then do you go to counseling?” I asked.

“No. Then we go to the pub.”

“Round of 16” rugby matches kicked off on Friday, with play scheduled through Sunday. Participating countries include Scotland, South Africa, Fiji, Canada and Russia among others.

For some fans, celebrating just isn’t the same in America, where they say our beer is weak, even when consumed form an ox horn. And our sausages? Barely worthy of discussion.

“We eat Boerewors rolls,” said Bridget Williams from South Africa.

“Do they have them here?”

“No,” Williams said.

“We do have sausages here.”

“Not the good ones,” she answered.

Well, at least there are the games, even if we can’t show them to you.

And the costumes, too. The United Nations has nothing on AT&T this weekend.

If the kilt fits, wear it.

“Are those comfortable?” I asked Chris Hughes of his aforementioned Socttish garb.


“Do you know the next question?”

“You mean, do we wear anything underneath?” asked his wife, Lynne, similarly kilted.

“No,” said Chris. “And I am not going to show you.”

Everything you need to HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series 2018

Think all rugby fans are the same? The big fellas (well, mostly) who eat, drink and sleep the sport?

Well not so, according to the organisers of this weekend’s HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens.

Here are the seven types, in no particular order of importance.

The trendy

The stylish ladies and gentlemen of this world who actively seek out new experiences to try while they are young and beautiful (!!). It is all about “see and be seen” with this lot. The most social, most media savvy among all the groups, they are easy to spot as most of them will be on their phones, composing the perfect Instagram post.

The BFF entourage

Preferring wefies over selfies, this group are the ultimate team players. They never do anything alone, and always want to share the happiest and most joyful moments with their BFFs.

Whether it is a bunch of guys or girls who like to talk sport, fast cars, handbags, or travel tips; or couples who are into double or triple dating, they will always spread the love and experience everything together, for better or for worse, as one.

The hardcore ruggers

The hard, hardcore fans who just can’t get enough of rugby. They play rugby, dream rugby, watch rugby, and live for rugby. They are the ones who buy their tickets as soon as they go on sale, and know everything there is to know about the sport. Oh, and they only ever wear rugby jerseys, even to their own weddings.

The visitors

This group deserves a round of applause as they are the ones who reside outside Singapore and make the effort to travel to support the event, and to help stimulate Singapore’s economy! We need our local fans to make them feel welcome, and tell them where the best places to eat and visit are! Show them Singaporean hospitality at its best!

The why-am-I-here’s

Let’s face it, there will always be a group of people you will find at any event who are not there by choice. Either they have been given a free ticket, a friend has a spare and asked them to tag along, or they are accompanying a parent or friend as part of a birthday gift.

Whatever it might be, this group of ticket holders will turn up at the Singapore Sevens with no expectations, and won’t have a clue what the event is all about. But after two days of world-class sport and entertainment. the Why-am-I-here’s will be joining the ranks of the See-you-next year’s at the Singapore Sevens!

The happy families

These are the people you will see at the stadium – loving couples with their enthusiastic and energetic children. They take advantage of Singapore Sevens special family packages, and make it a fun outdoor family weekend where they can introduce new experiences to their children, and learn new things. Singapore Sevens loves these people!

The patriotics

Those who stand up and sing along when they hear their national anthems. They might not know anything about rugby sevens, but they will cheer like there is no tomorrow when their home team scores.